Monday 27 January 2020
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Don’t Buy a Car by Considering Only the Brand

Don’t Buy a Car by Considering Only the Brand

When you decide to buy any new car often you consider the brand value of the car. Some of the brands have very high reputation while few others may not be having much reputation. However, it is essential to see whether you are getting right value for your money. Some of the well reputed brand of cars can be very expensive when you repair them.

Therefore, if you decide to buy any new Mercedes car or other brand consider the following things.

What is the cost of ownership?

Cost of ownership of your car is just not what you paid the dealer to drive out from the showroom. You need to know the maintenance cost of the car too. Few of the well known branded cars may be nice to drive but do you know about their repair costs? Some of them can be very expensive to repair.

However, that does not mean that if you buy any lower end car then you will save your repair cost. Less expensive car may have poor quality of component that may bother you too much and need frequent repair. Therefore, the cost of ownership of such cars will also be high. You need to do proper research and check the history of repairs of different brands and decide.


When you buy a car then it is essential to check its various safety features. Every brand of car has many advanced safety features provided, which is very essential for safe driving. Therefore, when you do research about different brands of car then check about the safety features that they provide. Technology that are used for proving the safety is also important to check. You need to read reviews about it.


Performance is one of the very important factor that most of the cheaper brand lacks. However, if you are going for higher end cars then you must research about their performance parameters. You can get the specification and discuss with any expert.

Insurance costs

Usually the cars that have higher chances of theft, the insurance cost will be higher. Here you will find that the insurance cost of any cheaper brand is pretty low as compared to a well-known brand of car.


Some people do not care about the image as long as it can take you from one location to the other while for many others car is a status symbol.

Therefore, if you can afford the cost of any branded car then go for it.