Tuesday 28 January 2020
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Reasons to Hire a Jones Act Lawyer  

Reasons to Hire a Jones Act Lawyer  

When you get injured at sea, the first action you need to take is to file an accident report for your insurance company. These reports do provide crucial information for your employer. Sometimes, they can be used to threaten and intimidate you as well, since they will require you to state who you believe was at fault when an accident occurred.

If you blame your employer, you will find it difficult to get additional work. In case the claims don’t lay fault on your employer, then it will be hard for you to win the claim. By the time you will be seeking medical care and considering to hire an attorney at Jones Act Lawyer Houston, your employer will have already tempered with the work area. Here are three crucial reasons why you should hire a Jones Act Lawyer to help you get a rightful compensation.

Experienced Lawyers Can Prove Your Injuries

Once a claim has been made, your insurance provider or employer will start questioning your injuries. However, accidents happening on a ship, whether coming on it, exiting the ship or living on it are always covered. Sometimes, when an accident occurs, and you delay to claim, your employer will claim that your accident was as a result of something else.

Insurance companies will try to avoid the responsibilities by all means. Experienced lawyers will come in if your accident is eligible and covered. An attorney may even call a professional witness to prove that you were indeed injured. In case you have any medical problem that developed just after the accident, they can provide causation. Keep in mind that you need to file a strong case to win it and obtain your rightful compensation.

An Attorney Will Help You Get a Settlement for Your Injury

A claim will not always end in a win for the claimer but this does not necessarily mean that you will get nothing out of it. You will still be able to get a settlement out of court if you work with an experienced legal expert. Your Jones Act Lawyer Houston will still negotiate for a favorable out of court compensation even when you lose the court case.

A Jones Act Lawyer Will Help You Navigate Maritime Law

Any type of law can be confusing and difficult to navigate if you are not a legal expert. Maritime law is unique and covers things in very different ways. You will be required to prove that you work at the sea and also you will need to prove that it was carelessness and ignorance that led to your bodily injuries.

Only an attorney who is an expert in maritime law and accidents will help you navigate this process. If you are a sea worker and you get involved in an accident while working, then finding a qualified and experienced lawyer is critical.