Top ReasonsTo Use A Commercial Linen Service.

A laundry service is something that many businesses require on a daily basis, with companies such as hotels, care homes and hospitals,all depending on this kind of service, but any business that provides uniforms and work clothes to their employees, can also avail themselves of this invaluable service. Uniforms or work wear is adopted by most businesses, to make their staff very presentable. It is important that customers can easily identify staff members, incase they need something. If you have one hundred or more staff working for you at any given moment, then that is a lot of uniforms that need to be cleaned.There are many advantages to getting your workwear completed by an external laundry service and here are just a few.

  1. More Cost Effective – If you decide not to go for the option of contracting out your work wear laundry services, then you may have decided to try to do them yourself inhouse. Now, if you only had a small number of uniforms and workwear to clean, then that would be entirely possible. However, once you get into large numbers of uniforms, then you are going to need the necessary new machinery to do the job. A standard washing machine is not good enough, and you need to be looking for an industrial sized washing machine. Then, because of the wet UK weather, you will also need to purchase a sizeable dryer. Then, there is the pressing or ironing machine and also the staff to do all this work. You are now looking at considerable expense and outlay, when you could just outsource the job, and give it to a professional laundry service.
  1. Make Life Easier – It isn’t just the cleaning, as they also have to be dried, and as any person living in the UK will tell you, the UK weather isn’t great for getting clothes dried quickly. For this many uniforms, it is likely that you will need an industrial sized dryer, to get them all done at the same time. Then, when they are dried, they have to be pressed to give them those crisp lines you are used to seeing on all hotel staff, for example. All of this takes time and effort, and extra uniforms are also required, because if one shift finishes late at night, then there is no time before the morning shift, to get the uniforms washed, dried and pressed again. These companies can do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.
  1. Time Management – As well as being expensive, doing your own inhouse laundry for your work wear and uniforms, is very time consuming. You are still going to need someone to load the washing machines, and separate all the different colours and kinds of uniforms. If your female staff members have pink uniforms and the male staff cream, then these colours need to be separated, otherwise the colours will run. When the clothes are washed, they have to be transferred into a large dryer. Again, all need to be done separately as colours cannot be mixed. Once dried, they need to be unloaded and separated. Pressing and ironing needs to happen to keep the uniforms looking good, so your staff also looks good.
  1. Reduce Costs – If you are still convinced you want to launder your work wear and uniforms in-house, then there is also the possibility that your washing machine, dryer and presser are going to need servicing. This might be due to overuse or maybe your staff have not been trained properly, as to their proper uses and applications. If the machines need to be repaired outside their warranty, then you need to get a qualified serviceengineer in, to have a look. If you are advised that you need a part, then that is more expense incurred. To top it off, your machine is now out of action until the part is purchased and installed. During this time, you can’t do your laundry and you will most likely have to contract out your workwear laundry servicesfor the duration.
  1. Environmentally Responsible – Running a laundry service is not easy as you might think, if you try to undertake it yourself. There are rules and government regulations that have to be followed for the proper disposal of dirty water and detergents. You need to be aware of all the rules and make sure you adhere to them. Failing to do so, will land you in a lot of hot water and a sizeable fine. You need to use detergent and softener that are kind to the environment and it needs to be naturally bio-degradeable, to protect the soil and to keep Mother Nature happy. Professional work wear laundry specialists have already committed themselves to environmentally friendly practices, and they know the government rules regarding an industry like this.


  1. Good Business Practice – The sensible thing, would be to contract your work wear laundry out to a third party provider, one who is qualified andhas experienced staff to guarantee a constant supply. They operate under an eco-friendly policy and when you advertise that you are an environmentally responsible business, then the general public will respond to this and hopefully want to deal with you, instead of a competitor who isn’t eco-friendly and environmentally responsible. These companies have washing machines that use less water, but still deliver a fantastic service. They also use less washing detergent, but your uniforms are still as clean as they can be.

Workwear and uniforms are an essential part of any business and your employees need to be presentable, clean and professional looking. The only way to get your work clothes looking like they should, is to use a professional laundry service, who will wash, dry, press and fold and deliver them, right to your place of work. When they are dirty, they will pick them up again and ensure the same quality of work, time after time. Businesses need consistent service like this in order to remain competitive. Look into contracting out your laundry services today and see how they can save you time and reduce stress.