Top Skin Product Answers The Question: How Can I Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Top Skin Product Answers The Question: How Can I Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Expectant mothers are generally immersed in one of the most beautiful experiences of their lifetime. Bringing a new life into the world that they will love and care for provides soon-to-be moms with a glow rarely seen.

While women often embrace this amazing time, we all recognize the inherent sacrifice and challenges pregnancy presents. Morning sickness, back pains and weight gain, among others, are things future mothers endure for their children. After they give birth, too many women have stretch marks that could have been otherwise avoided. Many women find themselves wondering: How can I avoid stretch marks during pregnancy? By following some simple skin-health principles and utilizing healthy Skin and Senses products, unsightly stretch marks may be a thing of the past.

There is no magic wand that women can wave over baby bumps that can make the skin perfectly elastic. The growth of an unborn child simply tests the ability of the abdomen to keep up. Many physicians and health professionals advocate for maintaining nutritional basics that include plenty of Vitamin C, D, E, zinc and protein. Under normal circumstances, that can be a sound approach to reducing the possibility of stretch marks. However, pregnancy is not an everyday occurrence.

During a normal pregnancy, women generally gain upwards of 35 pounds, sometimes more. Considering the bulk of that weight gain begins in the second trimester, that puts an extraordinary strain on the stomach’s skin. When the mid-section gets tight, many women are looking for a little help.

One of the exciting products on the market today is the Fearless Stretch Mark Prevention Body Butter developed by Skin and Senses. In keeping with pregnant mothers’ goals of happy, healthy babies, this skin moisturizer has been crafted with all-natural ingredients and remains complete free of GMOs.

The thick cream can be directly applied to the affected area during all nine months of the pregnancy. Many women who are in the planning stages of getting pregnant begin applying the Fearless butter to prepare their skin for the trials it will face.

Although stretch marks widely appear in women during their sixth and seventh months, the skin’s elasticity falters well before they are noticed in a mirror. It’s important to prepare your mind, body and healthy mid-section before getting pregnant. That’s one of the many reasons women begin treating with Fearless Stretch Mark Prevention Body Butter before month one.

When women ask the common question: How can I avoid stretch marks during pregnancy? The answer is quite simple. Stick with a healthy diet and apply a responsible, chemical-free skin moisturizer such as Skin and Senses’ Fearless Stretch Mark Prevention Body Butter from the pre-pregnancy planning stages, through all nine months and continue until your body has returned to its natural state.

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